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July 2014

It’s no secret that Mercedes’ high-powered AMG range has an appeal of its own. Their cars, with their massive turbocharged engines, and huge power has a big fan following, and one has to only hear the exhaust note of any one of those cars to understand why people love them so much. They sound raw, aggressive and powerful – traits that most car lovers have a soft spot for.

However, the one major issue with AMG product in India has been the cost – which with our ridiculously high duties and taxes means that the cars cost a pretty penny, which ultimately limits their sales potential. So, to further increase the appeal and reach of their products amongst Indian consumers, Mercedes today launched the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG saloon at the Buddh International F1 Circuit.

(Watch our review of the CLA 45 AMG at the Buddh International Circuit:

The CLA 45 AMG is a unique product as Mercedes refers to it as the first ‘compact performance sedan’ in the market. Fitted with the world’s most powerful four-cylinder production engine, the CLA 45 has a power output of 355bhp and 460Nm of torque. And it also features all-wheel drive, which helps put all that power down effectively, so the 0-100km/h acceleration mark comes up in a mere 4.6 seconds. In fact, the engine has even won two international engine awards due to its capabilities.

The sedan’s striking looks are further accentuated with the AMG treatment, and the CLA 45 boasts of an astonishingly low aerodynamic drag figure of just 0.23. The aggression of the car is also evident with the sporty bodykit that has larger front air dams and the radiator grille which has been painted matt titanium grey. The CLA 45 also comes fitted with 5-spoke 18″ wheels as standard.

The most important aspect though is the pricing of the CLA 45 AMG and it has been priced at Rs. 68.5 Lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi) as that kind of a price point enables more consumers to be a part of the AMG family.