Future F1 –…

I write this column a few days after the conclusion of the Australian GP. And, quite frankl... »

Showing their stripes…

With mercedes power, an experienced driver and a seasoned technical officer, williams looks poi... »

Future Formula?

Legendary Formula 1 designer Gordon Murray and shell think the story of internal combustion can... »


Indian motorsport fans hoping for F1’s return in 2015 will have to wait a bit longer F... »


The highest category of racing changes its skin – the V6 turbo-engines have been reduced ... »

Predictions for 2014

The month of March is one of my favourites. That the new Formula 1 season gets underway is ... »

Changing The Form…

We all know how radically the rulebook has changed in Formula 1 this year. Events prior to th... »

Under Threat- Formula One
Under Threat- Formula…

No, the new 2014 technical regulations are not the biggest threat facing the sport. Well, had B... »

Happy New Season
Happy New Season

Kunal looks forward to the 2014 season, but can¹t seem to fathom the thinking behind some of t... »

Sebastian Vettel
Report Card –…

The number one name in racing driver coaching today rates the class of the 2013 formula o... »

Formula One
Man Trumps Machine…

You have all of the off-season and 2014 to wonder if the indian gp is coming back. leave this t... »

Formula 1
Talent & Opportunity…

Kunal looks at whether driver talent still assures an F1 seat and or if money really is all tha... »

just Bull no more
Just Bull no…

"Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motor racing,” said an adamantly defensive Christian Horner whe... »

Keeping the circus ‘rolling’
Keeping the circus…

If you’ve heard of the criticism leveled against Formula 1’s control tyre supplier Pirelli ... »

Hanging on to the bottom end
Hanging on to…

How exactly do you explain to a layperson the dogged insistence of a tail-end Formula 1 team no... »

Doing a Vettel…

Kunal can’t fathom all the Vettel bashing off late. As he sees it, all the other teams wo... »

Bring on 2014

While the V6 engines may not be the most awaited element in next years’ championship, Raikkon... »

The Future of…

September is usually the most difficult month to file this column. Why? Because it’s the ... »

Silly Season –…

Swiss-based Sauber F1 team recently announced a tie-up with three Russian companies. And this t... »

Five Predictions –…

Five months to the end of the Formula One 2013 season, and here I take the bold step of making ... »

A New Dawn
A New Dawn

With only a third of the 2013 season concluded, talks about 2014 are already gaining traction. ... »

Tyre Troubles

Pirelli joined Formula 1 as its ‘Official Tyre Supplier’ in 2011 to increase awareness abou... »

Game on

Raikkonen, Alonso, and Vettel completed the podium of the season opening 2013 Australian Grand ... »

Ready to Go!

The room is silent, and no one is speaking a word. Cameras are placed on either side, and the r... »

Three isn’t Always…

Last month’s column, Can we Build a Better Sport, received great feedback from my regular set... »

Can we build…

That the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports in India termed Formula 1 as entertainment and ... »

Something to Cheer…

That you’re reading this column, and being greeted a very Happy New Year by me, means tha... »

Formula One 2012

I pen this column hours after Sebastian Vettel clinched his third drivers’ world title in Int... »

Bahrain F1 Grand Prix - Race
Formula One 2012…

However, in my mind, the advent of the Indian Grand Prix can only lead to victory for Indian mo... »

F1 Grand Prix Of India - Previews
Formula One 2012

It’s that time of the year again! When Formula 1 fans in India get excited about, and start p... »

F1 Grand Prix Of Abu Dhabi - Qualifying
Formula One 2012

The August shutdown should have ended by the time you read this, and boy am I glad that I survi... »

Motorsports: FIA Formula One World Championship 2012, Grand Prix of Monaco
Formula One 2012

Dhruv and I were discussing ideas for this months’ column, and, somewhere, both of us knew th... »

Hardball (& history)…

In my earlier columns, I’ve written about a number of drivers – Mark Webber, Michael Schuma... »

Tired of Tyres

You’ve probably heard, and read, this in every possible media if you follow Formula 1 – tha... »

Change is the…

The only constants, thus far, in the four races concluded in 2012 Formula 1 season have been Vi... »

What to expect…

March has to be the favourite month for all Formula 1 fans – and especially for those who’l... »